First off let me start by saying, "Happy New Year to all." We are over the "holiday hump," or "holiday slump" if you're in real estate. It is January 2011, the temperature is cold as are the vacant houses, but hearts are warm and inventory will steadily be ramping up over the next 3 to 4 months starting now. If you're a tenant looking for a place for a February, March or April start date rest assured that you will have more and more to choose from, but don't sit idly by if you find the perfect home because as inventory grows, so does demand. Seems counterintuitive, but more and more people are looking for a new place to live in the coming months so if you find the perfect fit, don't wait, apply to rent. Property owners know this as well and thus more and more homes will come to market to fill the demand. If you're a tenant in search...give me a call. If you're an owner looking for a tenant and want representation from Marin's premier rental agency....give me a call. Michael Kass, Licensed Agent. 415.595.0827. Specializing in Rentals and Relocation services.